This apartment features:
Rates are in USD - Vat 10%  and all service charge
are included in the room rate
Rates are for  the apartment up to 2 persons included
The Sunset 1 bedroom apartment
Sunset is a modern 1 bedroom apartment located on the ground floor of the same building as our Moonlight
apartment located on top. Private entrance and free parking for our guests close to entrance. Mosquito
screens on all windows and doors.
Minimum length of stay 2 nights
One bedroom with welded four poster king size bed and air
Sleeps 1-2 persons  
One bathroom
Fully equipped kitchen with gas stowe/oven, fridge/freezer,
microwave, coffee maker, water kettle, toaster, pots & pans,
plates & glasses and other helpful items
Dining area (on balcony)
Small living room with sofa and coffee table
Large balcony with sea view
Wireless Internet
Rates for Sunset 1 bedroom apartment 2018/19
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