Diving & Whale Watching
Diving is big in Dominica, there are several Dive Shops along the west coast the nearest are East
Carib Dive. Located in Salisbury about 5 minutes by car from Mero. The atmosphere is cool, calm
and relaxed at the Dive Center. The owners Harald and Beatrice will take you diving and with
years of experience and professionalism you  will feel safe. Very good prices, in slow periods you
can get a really good deal. Try out their Bar/Resturant you will get a tasty meal then you can nap
or relax in one of their hammocks. Besides from diving Sunset bay club Dive centre also offers
whale watching.
Where to shop
Food, a necessity, is not always easy to get in Dominica if you don't know where to go.
Save-A-Lot  Very close to KFC and the local Market. Good selection of imported and local items.  
Some parking right in front.  Open Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 7:00pm

Astaphans the largest Supermarket in Dominica located in Roseau 25-30 minutes by car or bus.
Good selection of items, but the same thing there not so much fresh Fruits and vegetables.
Open Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Whitchurch IGA (Roseau & Portsmouth) - good selection of local produce, local items and many
imported items.  A deli with local items and local meat.  Open Monday - Saturday 8:00am -
7:00pm also Sundays 8:00am - 12:00pm

As you will notice after a couple of days on the Island no shops have the same items. Walk around
the town and discover a variate of smaller Super markets and shops. High heels are not
recommended if you don't want to spend the rest of your holiday in a cast.

Visit the
Fruit and Vegetable market in Roseau open Monday - Saturday. Every Friday the
farmers bring down fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden. Some from early morning but
most in the afternoon and stay  until next morning. Here you also can get fresh local meat. Best
time to shop: Friday and Saturday. While you are there, just around the corner is the
Fish Market
(next to the Ferry Terminal) but you have to be early 6:00am is not too early. For really fresh fish,
catch the fishermen as they come ashore at Mero beach.
Save money and change cash to ECD you can pay with U$D but you might be over charged.
Mero Beach
Five minutes walk down from Caribbean Sea View Holiday Apartments is the village of Mero. At the long black volcanic sandy beach you won't
feel cramped or trip over other tourists, many times you might even have the entire beach to yourself. Great for snorkeling and relaxing in the
sun. Mero has little shops, bars and restaurants along the village road (the only road) where you can get something to eat or just have a drink,
shop for the basics like Egg, Coffee, Tea or cereals.
The best shop to do so is Sunset Sweet Treats they have the most items and a mini pharmacy located in the beginning of the village. Our favorite
restaurant Indies is a must!
Rent a vehicle
Do you like to visit different arias of
Dominica and move freely across the
Island; pack your day full of adventure
every day? Or just have that comfortable
feeling that you can come and go as you
like. Then hire a Jeep or Car is maybe  
the best for you. We drive on the left
hand side and make sure you are ready to
wave the pot holes in the road.
Local bus
If you are on a budget or you looking for
the real Dominican experience, take the
bus. You will be restricted to this side of
the Island but taking the local bus is a
fun adventure. It is easy to take the local
bus to Portsmouth, Roseau or Scotts
Bird Watching
Drive 15 minutes to Syndicate where
you can get a chance to see the Jacko
parrots and the rare and beautiful
Sisserou parrots. Syndicate have
different hiking trails, where the easiest
trail is only a 30 minutes hiking. Tour
guide is recommended.
River Activities
If you seek more adventure than that, check out
Wacky Rollers in Layou, about 10 minutes
from Mero. They have an Adventure Park, Jeep
Safari, River Tubing and Kayaking. Or just
enjoy the longest river in Dominica Layou River,
go and relax at the river banks and make sure
you visit the hot pools. A bathing area has been
built in the river around a natural hot springs.
All locations mentioned above are easy to get to
by local bus.
Continue along the Layou River road and visit
Emerald Pool 15-20 minutes drive. Hike
through the rain forest to Emerald Pool a easy
walk for all ages, takes about 15 minutes. Bring
your swimming suit, towel and camera.
Location: Interior (Local bus not recommended)
It takes two minutes to walk down to the bus stop. The buses do not have specific stops, just
because you are in the bus stop don't mean the bus will stop for you. You have to put your hand
out and "wave" the bus for it to stop. If they blink the head lights mean that they are full or don't
pick up passengers. If you just don't want to drive or take the bus, hire a guide for a half or full
day to take you on the sites you want to visit. We have English, French, German and Spanish
speaking guides available. It is more expensive but they know the surroundings and can give you
allot of information and facts about the sites you are visiting.
Tour rates:
Full day U$200.00
Half day U$100.00
Mero Beach
Mero Beach

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